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Studies and Evaluations 

  • Evaluation of fuel switching
  • Impact of SCR retrofit
  • Effects of process changes on emissions
  • Hot-side to cold-side ESP conversion
  • Performance enhancement options
  • Rebuilding and upgrading equipment
  • Life extension studies
  • ESP performance prediction with computer models

Trouble-shooting and Problem Solving

  • Determine root causes of problems
  • Solve operational problems thoroughly
  • Performance enhancement
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Long term solutions and benefits
  • Increase reliability and maintainability
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics

Annual and Special Inspections

  • Inspect equipment in dirty and clean condition
  • Internal mechanical components wear and failure analysis
  • Integrity and life expectancy of structural components and supports
  • Auxiliary equipment inspections
  • Corrosion and wastage analysis

Equipment Purchase Support

  • Performance specifications
  • Bid specifications
  • Bid comparisons, analysis, and recommendations
  • Engineering overview
  • Construction supervision
  • Commissioning and start up services
  • Project management

Engineering Services

  • Structural assessment for SCR retrofits
  • Foundations and structural support
  • Duct modifications
  • Equipment relocation
  • Equipment rebuilding and upgrading
  • Detailed design and engineering

Seminars and Workshops

  • Internationally recognized consultants
  • General information seminars
  • Plant workshops tailored to specific needs

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