Thomas R. Keeler



President of EPSCO International, Inc. & TRK Engineering Services Inc.  He is manager and principle lecturer of Precipitator Seminars, conducting nationwide seminars on electrostatic precipitators.  Tom is an electrical engineer graduating from Lehigh University, with over 30 years experience in the particulate removal field including 5 years as a field service engineer for Environmental Elements Corporation, a major precipitator manufacturer.  He is an active member in several professional societies and was a panelist at the 1993 Power-Gen Americas and a speaker at the 1994 & 1998 World Mining Exposition in Chile.  Tom has also been a panelist at several of the ESP/FF Round Table Forums.  Tom was the editor and one of the authors of the new FMAC EPRI “ESP Maintenance Guide” completed in December 2002.  This manual will set the standards for ESP maintenance for many years to come.  In October 2003 Tom created the first web-based seminar series on ESP Maintenance for EPRI. In 2008 Tom was awarded the International Fellow Award from the ISESP.
Tapan Mukherjee

General Manager

Tapan Mukherjee is currently the general manager of EPSCO and joined our team from GE Power with 40 years experience designing large Air Pollution Control Systems including ESP, FF, WESP, DSI and FGD systems. He has a MS Degree in Environmental Engineering from NJIT. For the past 3 years Tapan worked out of GE's Paris office as Global Sales Leader for AQCS upgrade and retrofit projects. Prior to his European assignment, Tapan worked out of USA as Head of Global Engineering. He was instrumental in GE developing integrated solutions for meeting MATS compliance by installing DSI and upgrading existing WFGDS and ESPs to meet mercury and toxic emissions standards.

Keith Bradburn

Keith M. Bradburn has a 48 year career in the air pollution control industry. He spent 21years with Lodge-Cottrell in England and USA and served in numerous engineering and technical positions and was for many years the US technical manager for precipitators. He later spent 27 years with Flakt/Alstom as product and technology manager for dry and wet precipitators and fabric filters. Responsibilities included equipment sizing and design, proposals, product engineering interfacing, equipment performance, troubleshooting and testing. He retired from his position of Director of Technology Management at Alstom in 2010. Keith is the author of numerous papers on precipitators and fabric filters and co-author of one book on electrostatic precipitators.

Timothy Mallory Over twenty (20) years experience in all phases of air pollution control.  As the Manager of Engineering and Applications at Southern Environmental, Tim was responsible for all designs and drawings as well as estimating and equipment sizing.  As the Vice President and COO of MERRICK Environmental Technology, he was responsible for the full operations of an integrated turn key supplier.  As the president of Air Advantage, inc., he provides consulting and engineering services. Tim’s experience includes design engineering, fabrication and construction of fabric filters, wet and dry electrostatic precipitators, dry scrubbers, mercury controls, and materials handling systems. 
Charley Barranger

Charles B. Barranger has over 43 years of experience in the Air Pollution Control Field as an Equipment Designer, Project Engineer, Application Engineer, Project Manager, Proposal Manager, Fabric Filter Project Manage and Manager of Application Engineering for ALSTOM. Was ALSTOM’s Fabric Filter representative at ICAC and EPRI. Other areas of expertise include electrostatic precipitator conversions to fabric filters, dry/semi dry injection systems for control of SO2, SO3, and Hg, wet flue gas desulphurization, and combinations of these products to perform as multi-pollutant control plants. The major projects covered Coal Fired Boilers, Iron & Steel, Cement, and Waste-to-Energy plants. He has also worked in Republic of South Africa and Brazil.

David Nelson Chemical engineer, with over 30 years experience in the design, start up and operation of sulphuric acid plants. After 12 years of experience with Panamerican Consulting Internacional, a Monsanto licensee, in the design, construction and Start up of chemical plants, particularly sulphuric acid, in Colombia, Venezuela, Canada, Chile, Indonesia, etc. became an independent consultant in the area of sulphuric acid, which includes revamp studies, operation, auditing and construction.
David  Raring Over twenty (35) years experience specializing in fog and water based dust suppression systems used primarily in the mining and power industries and the enhancement of evaporative gas cooling and conditioning systems used in pyroprocessing applications.  Mr. Raring is a graduate of Lehigh University and holds a BS degree in Engineering Physics.  Mr. Raring served as Vice President of Sales and Engineering for Sonic Development in the 70’s, he co-founded EnviroCare Inc. in the early 80’s, and he formed The Raring Corporation in 1985.


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