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Air Pollution Control Network


The purpose of the Air Pollution Control Network website is to provide end-users of air pollution control equipment with an unbiased source of information to support the purchase, understanding and effective use of their equipment.

The Raring Corporation

The Raring Corporation's primary business is the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of its’ ADS™ Dust Control Systems. TRC's ADS™ Dust Control Systems have been used effectively to control and eliminate dust problems in a variety of applications including mining, wood products, power, cement, and other industries worldwide.

Reinhold Environmental


Reinhold Environmental is the founder of the Worldwide Pollution Control Association (WPCA). The WPCA is a non-profit association with corporate and individual members, organized to offer internationally the opportunity for an exchange of technical information without commercial bias.


ISESP  The International Society for Electrostatic Precipitation (ISESP)  is a non-profit Society devoted to advancing electrostatic precipitation technology in multiple applications and has functioned effectively to provide a forum where cutting edge research and information can be exchanged. Dr. White, whose idea it was to establish the organization would be pleased that it has continued to contribute to cost effective control of emissions worldwide.

ETS, Inc.

ETS is a full-service environmental consulting and training firm specializing in air emissions control, measurement, engineering and consulting services.



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