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ESP relocation required...

Space needed for SOx/NOx equipment


An industrial coal-fired boiler user in Taiwan was required to add FGD equipment on three boiler units.  There was inadequate space between the ESPs and the stack.  The most cost-effective way of getting enough space was to move the existing ESPs toward the boiler house.  Since the FGD equipment would require substantial time to install and the owner could not afford a long outage, ducts had to be modified so that the ESPs could operate during the installation of the FGD equipment.

EPSCO was contracted to:

  • Design the relocation transportation system
  • Design modifications to the ESP to maintain structural and mechanical integrity.
  • Design inlet and outlet duct modifications to allow the ESPs to return to operation during the FGD equipment installation.
  • Provide site supervision and inspection services during ESP relocation and start up.

Each of the ESPs was moved toward the boiler house.  Electrode alignment and critical dimensions were evaluated before and after the relocation.  Structural and mechanical integrity was maintained.  Only minor alignment adjustments were required.  All three units are performing well while the FGD equipment is installed.


EPSCO was initially contracted to provide site supervision for the first ESP relocation. The relocation went so well that the user required the contractor to provide EPSCO’s site supervision on the remaining units to assure that the relocation went as smoothly on the other units.


EPSCO provided the necessary engineering evaluation and recommendations required for the successful relocation of the three ESPs.  Site supervision provided by EPSCO gave the customer confidence that the contractor would properly implement their recommendations.  Minimum outage time was required for the relocation and the ESPs are performing as well as they were prior to the relocation.







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