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Air Pollution Control Air Scrubbers

When it comes to resolving and overcoming flue gas emissions issues, Epsco is prepared to analyze, assess, evaluate and investigate every aspect of performance – both theoretic and practical – and develop an engineering solution that addresses air pollution control and air scrubbers from, technology, budget, and regulatory perspectives, meeting all required parameters and resolving all emissions and air scrubber issues.

Our expertise with those issues – drawing upon and combining decades of both theoretical and practical experience with air scrubber technology. That combination enables engineering and technology solutions that are innovative and effective, and that are achieved on-time and on-budget, fulfilling both financial goals while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements and constraints.

This systems approach has proved invaluable to our hundreds of clients in 40 states and on five continents.

Because our experience includes understanding wet scrubbers from both the operational and vendor perspectives, we are able to include with our recommendations targeted list of products, systems, sources and devices that are pre-qualified, carefully analyzed to insure that they meet the specification required by a client’s operational, financial and regulatory challenges and environment.

To that end, our investigation includes both off-line assessment and evaluation of design parameters, with investigation and data collection of actual ongoing operational results, along with online evaluation and investigation for physical flaws, structural problems, and other practical area of concern or potential concern.

In turn, our evaluation, specification and recommendation will be designed to address, resolve and overcome those problems, but also to put into place systems, technology, devices and equipment that insures the prevention of problems recurring with air scrubbers and air scrubber systems in the future.

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