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Air Pollution Control Technology and Consulting

The combination of technology and engineering expertise, practical experience and theoretical understanding, absolute commitment to excellence and absolute understanding of business and operational realities, in-depth familiarity with regulatory environments worldwide and ongoing review of leading vendors, sources, products all combine to form the matrix of skills and services Epsco has provide to hundreds of air pollution control and air quality management clients on five continents over the past two decades.

The combination of skills, experience, understanding and innovative thinking provides our clients – whether for long-term project management or tight-focus quick-results investigation of problems – with the most in-depth and cost-effective consultation and engineering teams in the air quality industry.

Drawing upon decades’ of consultation engagements – and centuries of aggregate experience in industry as well as consultant positions – Epsco provides clients with assessment and investigation capabilities, engineering and specification skills, technology systems and air pollution control techniques insights that are without industry peer. From testing and training to equipment evaluation and project management and planning, Epsco’s informed, confident, superbly skilled engineering and consultation teams are prepared to address every air management concern thoroughly, efficiently, economically.

Our training and experience includes in-depth understanding of electrostatic precipitators, air scrubbers, smokestack and flue, baghouse, vacuum, flue gas, collection dust and mining dust, and emissions and emissions control technology, systems, techniques, products, and specification needs, requirements and challenges.

Whether engaged to assess the specification requirements of a baghouse refit or upgrade, to supervise the relocation of electrostatic precipitators, to monitor air scrubber performance and efficiency, to oversee and supervise project management for an entire plant or examine productivity drop-offs for a single system, Epsco possesses the skills, experience, knowledge and insight to get your job done.

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