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A Structure For Air Pollution Control Excellence

Because air pollution control issues, challenges, and solutions donít exist in a vacuum, neither do the investigation, assessment and specification reports Epsco generates for its more than 200 worldwide clients.

By rigorously addressing the cost, schedule, equipment and project management requirements and conclusions that derive from our investigation and evaluation of a clientís systems, we are able to provide engineering solutions and equipment review and specification that take into account the matrix of the clientís concerns, needs, and operational realities.

A good example is a project we undertook for a an electric utility in Southern Africa, faced with challenges surrounding aging electrostatic precipitators (over two decades old.) Epscoís application of our consultation teamís experience and engineering insights enabled us to devise a rigid discharge electrode solution (with enhanced condition of flue gas) that achieved both the goal of elevating the ESPs to levels beyond their original design and the equally important goal of doing so cost-effectively, with the utilityís competitive parameters.

The evaluation, assessment and technology consultation resulted in a matrix of materials and assessment conclusions including weight and load analysis, schematic diagrams, budget and cost (in South African currency) as well as the engineering and air pollution and emissions control conclusions on which the customized rigid discharge electrode solution (along with improved flue gas conditioning, as well as rapper recommendations) rested. ..

The achievement for the South African utility was an air pollution control system that was cost-effective and that renewed and extended the operating life of aging electrostatic precipitators, improved air quality and reduced emissions. Epsco accomplished the multiple goal by recognizing and addressing the matrix of factors in which the utility and its devices must operate, and by designing our solution to address all of those factors..

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