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Emissions Systems And Air Pollution Control Technology Experts

Epsco approaches client air pollution control engagements and assignments from the broadest possible perspective, and with the sharpest focus in the air management consultation industry.

That combination of skills and perspective does not come into being haphazardly or by accident – for more than two decades our engineering and consultation teams have worked, studied, investigated, examined, monitored the shifting and evolving technologies, techniques, regulatory requirements and concerns surrounding air pollution control in the utility and industrial arenas.

Our ongoing study – theoretical, engineering, and above all practical observation, investigation and experience – rests on an unparalleled breadth of existing knowledge and expertise: our consultation and engineering teams possess a combined three centuries’ worth of experience in air quality and air pollution control engineering, project management, products and systems specification, investigation. That’s a perspective that cannot be matched, and is priceless.

We bring that perspective and those centuries of practical experience to bear on every engagement we undertake, whether addressing immediate or emergency equipment performance concerns and needs, or working with a client on planning a long-term refit or upgrade project (we also provide complete project management services) – for electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters technology and techniques, baghouse and dust collector systems, emissions control and flue gas investigation, vacuum and duct issues to smokestack solutions.

The results? Client success around the world speaks for itself – regulatory concerns addressed and exceeded, performance that matches or exceeds design specification, cost-effective refit and upgrade of aging electrostatic precipitators and air scrubber systems, solutions to problems including design specification aimed at ongoing prevention of problem recurrence.

Breadth of perspective, depth of experience, constantly honed sharpness of skills, complete understanding of both air pollution control technology needs and client business and operational requirements and realities – these are the qualities that Epsco brings to every air management and air pollution control engineering and consultation engagement.

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