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Two Decades Of Air Pollution Control Leadership

The growth of air pollution control technology, emissions control techniques, air management systems and capabilities over the past two decades has been accompanied by Epsco’s own growth – our engineering and consultation expertise in these and related areas rests on a sophisticated and deep understanding not only of the technology and systems underlying them but also of the changes, innovations and new products, devices and techniques that have been developed, tested, implemented.

That ongoing commitment to mastery of every aspect of air pollution control technology and systems has provided more than 200 clients in forty states and on five continents with solutions to both immediate productivity and performance needs and problems, and with long-tern turnkey planning and project management. Our ability to resolve immediate problems quickly and cost-effectively, as well as our proven skill when engaged to supervise the planning and project-management of long-term refit or upgrade provides our clients with a breadth of opportunity and application unequalled in the air pollution control consultation field.

Whether relocating aging electrostatic precipitators (and designing the transport system for moving the devices without compromising their structural or mechanical integrity) or providing close, expert assessment and review of bids submitted to a client industrial plant, Epsco brings informed, judicious intelligence to every aspect of a consultation engagement, providing engineering specification and schematics, budget estimates in local currency, awareness of and adherence to regulatory requirements as well as business concerns.

Our engineering and consultation teams possess an aggregate 300=plus years of industry experience, training, problem-solving, management. Centuries of insight and skill, decades of client solutions – Epsco’s consultation skills are time-tested, just as our client solutions will clearly stand the test of time.

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