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Electrostatic Precipitators And Fabric Filters

Epsco’s worldwide experience and leadership in electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters has resulted in numerous consultation engagements addressing the engineering realities created by aging electrostatic precipitators and systems, the requirements and possibilities of upgrading and refitting systems, and the technology and testing involved in re4placingelectrostatic precipitators with fabric filters and fabric filter systems.

With over three centuries’ aggregate experience in electrostatic precipitators engineering and technology, Epsco’s consultants and engineering experts are skilled at the investigation of existing facilities, including online (theoretical parameters and design goals) and offline (physical investigation for structural and performance flaw.) As we assess electrostatic precipitator performance, we do so within a matrix that includes both engineering and technology questions and needs, budget and schedule constraints and requirements, and regulatory environments.

Likewise with fabric filter technology, our expertise extends throughout the range of fabric filters technology, engineering and devices, and includes a deep understanding of and experience with both the challenges and opportunities associated with conversion from electrostatic precipitators to fabric filter systems.

Epsco is prepared to provide custom fabric filter design for those plant situations where the plant produces a gas flow rate in excess of existing electrostatic precipitator capacity, or when the structural capacity or integrity of the current electrostatic precipitator box has been exceeded or has come into question.

When approaching an electrostatic precipitator or fabric filter engineering consultation, Epsco’s engineering expertise extends to the assessment of ash-handling, available space and footprint concerns, structural integrity, electricity generation and outage time issues, and more.

This broad-range, deeply skilled, widely experienced approach has resulted in dozens of successful electrostatic precipitators and fabric filter consultations worldwide.

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